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"Kaltfusion" live @ lsb.TV Cologne 11-11-17

"Kaltfusion" is a new spontaneous projekt of Moogulator, Bob Humid and me. This is our first performance ever (with later guest: Numinos) . Intuitiv, in realtime and without having rehearsed before... Ladies and gentlemans, this is the next chapter of "lsb.TV Cologne" episode II, broadcasted live by ALEX Berlin TV on 11-11-17....the story will continue...

"Past Time" is out now on Bandcamp

"On the 10th of November of each year, at exactly 9:05 am (bravo), a minute of silence will be taken throughout the Turkish country to commemorate the great and incredible man named "Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk".

In the past, since the begining of the 50s, dogmatized his idea and was abused. For the past 15 years, the Akp government has tried to destroy the memory of this great man, but the contrary happened. As a result, people like me started asking questions and getting to the bottom of things. The more I learned about Atatürk, the greater was the respect for him and I understood what he was doing, what he wanted. Unfortunately, he died exactly 79 years ago on 10 November 1938 at 5 minutes after 9 a.m (bravo) in Dolmabahçe​ palace in Istanbul. His democratic reforms and modernization project he could not bring to an end. This work is in honour of "Atatürk" and for all the people who believe in true democracy, peace, justice and fraternity bet…

Worldpremiere of my new music video at "Tele 1"

The censorship-free leading new opposition Turkish news channel "Tele1 TV" will play the video of my next release "Past Time" for the first time worldwide on November 10th and then in the heavy rotation of the channel. I`ll release my new work in the same time on Bandcamp (001). More on friday....

Our next "lsb.TV Cologne" show. Live TV broadcast from Cologne (Trailer)