My Debut Album "Yağmur" is out now

"Yağmur" (Rain) is the musically interpretation of the good vibes and inspiration of rain. This Album is the first album work of Ümit Han after 23 years musical activities and a lot of releases on big labels like Traum Schallplatten, Plastic City and Harthouse. Listen and feel the soundtrack of his personal sensation of the bright side of rain. Available in HQ at Bandcamp CLICK HERE TO BUY "YAGMUR"

Watch and listen Ümit Han "Yagmur" live at lsb.TV Cologne

lsb.TV Cologne SAT 2018-03-10 (trailer)

I`m looking forward to perform with NUMINOS and Bob Humid as "Kaltfusion" this saturday night on our "lsb.TV Cologne" show. The show starts at midnight to 6 a.m (CET) sunday morning via Berlin`s cable TV channel ALEX Berlin and live from Cologne. Our very special "Kaltfusion" performance starts at 2 a.m (CET).

Next "lsb.TV Cologne" show (Trailer)


"Angara" is out now!

Ankara folk dance is the traditional dance in Ankara, a kind of zeybek and halay dance. This piece of music is a fusion between the rhythm of the dance of Ankara and swinging shuffle techno with dub influences. The reason why is the title written with "g" is, because the Ankara native speakers generally pronounce the "k" like a "g". Listen to the future sounds of the walkways of Ankara.My new track "Angara" is available from today on my Bandcamp page.
Buy Link:

16-12-2017 Experimental Filmscoring & Glitch Night @ Liquid Sky Berlin (Trailer)

I present the "Experimental Live Filmscoring & Audiovisual Glitch Night" @ Liquid sky Berlin #lsb02 on 12-16-2017. A night of experimental-dramatic film music, played by electronic musicians in real-time and intuitive to dramatic film scenes of film history. the filmscenes are getting remixed, manipulated and glitched in realtime by visual artists."

with Mijk van Dijk, Bernd Kistenmacher, Uli Sigg, Volker Düspohl, Dr.Walker, Hardy Es, Frau Silberfischer, Twin Peetz,
Omsk Information, 10Cars, HprScl3, Daniel Katzenstab
and myself. The show will broadcast via lsb.TV on Alex Berlin TV and worldwide stream via 'www'

Liquid Sky Berlin - #lsb02 @ Maze Kreuzberg
mehringdamm 61, 10961 berlin
2nd backyard - basement
-Free Entrance- 
More info: // join the Liquid Sky Berlin blabla group on facebook and join the new group for experimental music, modular synths, tv & art activities in Cologne

Final Improvisation @ lsb.TV Cologne (episode II/final chapter)

Our final improvisation in the final chapter of 'lsb.TV cologne' episode II (11-11-17) with Numinos, Psychotronic, Unterbrücken Live and our new projekt "Kaltfusion" together with Bob Humid, Moogulator and myself.

"Kaltfusion" live @ lsb.TV Cologne 11-11-17

"Kaltfusion" is a new spontaneous projekt of Moogulator, Bob Humid and me. This is our first performance ever (with later guest: Numinos) . Intuitiv, in realtime and without having rehearsed before... Ladies and gentlemans, this is the next chapter of "lsb.TV Cologne" episode II, broadcasted live by ALEX Berlin TV on 11-11-17....the story will continue...