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"Gezi Park Ambient Epos" (Album) is out now!

Today is the 5.anniversary of the beginning of Gezi Park resistance in Istanbul 2013, which was began with only a few people who would to protect the trees of Gezi Park. It catches the original atmosphere from the hotspots like from the Taksim Square, Istiklal Avenue and Gezi Park itself. The peaceful resisting people there written a legendary epos, it was the beginning of the end...and the begining of the struggle against undemocratical structures, imperialistic despots and for more green places. In Gezi Park cames everbody together, all kind of people was united...especially the ultras of big soccer clubs closed together for restist against the Akp Gouvernment.
The Gezi Park movement is an unprecedented resistance not only in Turkish historiography.
listen and grab your copy of the full album in HQ at Bandcamp → watch the other video parts on YouTube →

"Gezi Park Ambient Epos" @ lsb.TV Cologne (Trailer)

Watch and listen my audiovisual live performance of "Gezi Park Ambient Epos" for the 5.anniversary of Gezi Park Resistance, which began on 27th of May 2013. This Epos with visuals by Uli Sigg and Nazım Hikmet poems by ANITA is at this Saturday on the next issue of 'lsb.TV Cologne'. Our performance starts at 1 a.m Sunday morning. 'lsb.TV Cologne' will transmitted "live" next Saturday night 23:59 to 6 a.m (cet) Sunday morning via ALEX Berlin on Berlins cable tv or via livestream - the happening is visitable at: " Marzipan's, Hohenstaufenring 58 in Cologne" -> free entrance, doors open at 11 pm