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"Improvisation 51105" by Harald Grosskopf, Ümit Han, Moogulator, Andreas Kolinski, Siegfried Kärcher (Official Video)

"Improvisation 51105" is my second track on the "Tour De Traum XVII"'s a "Liquid Sky Cologne #03" live jam track by Harald GrosskopfMoogulator, Siegfried Kärcher, Andreas Kolinski and myself and it's out on Traum Schallplatten, thenprotangonists are well known. The amazing realtime visual improvisation by Antonia Melzer vs. Bal_Duin are also awesome. This work is a recording of our "Ambient Jam #01" (Episode V) at #lsb_TV Cologne, our live TV Broadcasting show on german tv...Available on all platforms CLICK HERE

"On Living" out on TRAUM (Official Video)

I did a video for my slowbeat track "On Living" on the "Tour De Traum XVII" compilation, which was released by Traum Schallplatten on 5th of July. This piece of music is based on the poem "On Living" by Nazım Hikmet. You should take a little bit of your time to read this very expressive poem... Get the audio in high quality HERE.