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Ümit Han -live @ 20 Jahre Traum / Artheater, Cologne (Review 19.10.2018)

Whatta night last Friday at 20 Years Of Traum Schallplatten in Artheater! Here is a video review of my live performance in Cologne. Worldwide booking:

Ambient Jam #01 @ lsb.TV Cologne (18-09-08)

Watch the recording of our very nice Ambient Jam of the last tv broadcast of 'lsb.TV Cologne' with me, Harald Grosskopf, Moogulator, Andreas Kolinski, Siegfried Kärcher, Antonia Melzer, Vj Dioptrien and Bal_Duin. All episodes: here

Live Performance at 20 years of TRAUM

I present my new Techno Soul live performance at 20 years of Traum Schallplatten party at Artheater in Cologne on 19th of October together with other great Artists. I hope we see us there to dance and rock together for an a unforgetable night in the beautiful Cologne. Click here for more details and informations about the event. If you want to see inbetween some video snippets of the "making Of" of my performance, follow me on INSTAGRAM