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Next Stop: Amsterdam.


Tomorrow! Vinyl DJ Set@Traum Party@Arttheater / Cologne

Ümit Han plays tomorrow two Vinyl DJ Sets at Off c/o Pop
Traum Party, Artheater in Cologne.

Play Time: 

02:00 - 05:00 Cafe

06:30 - End   Saal

(All times CET)

Ümit Han Live-Analog Set today on NOICE!@ProtonRadio

Listen Ümit Han`s Live-Analog set  today exclusiv on NOICE!
8am: Mathias Schaffhauser (Residents Hour)
9am: Ümit Han (Traum Label Series)
(all times EST/ 14-15h CET)

Why in the dawn of this mournful autumn Do you insist O, Nightingale? You should have gathered That in the gardens of our hearts The rose of your song has already withered. The petals of the rose are blown and look blue
  And the dawn is breaking in a different hue...
 (Ahmet Haşim 1883-1933)

 Ümit Han - Die Rose und die Nachtigall EP

Release date: 02.07