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Top Ten Chart Entry at Beatport

Our release on Telrae "Slapback 1 - Mixed by Salz" including my track #Phoenix is ​​entered in the top ten at electronica sale charts and set in the good midfield of Techno Charts at Beatport. Telrae is on a good run and we don't want to stop now on Beatport. Thank you for the support and good taste!

Various Artists "Slapback 1" (Telrae M006) exclusively available at Beatport on 08th of September on all other plattformsIncluding tracks by Rick Fox - Dublicator - Sibling - Starskie ( DJ & Producer ) & HAGI s*mple - SubsetDubs - Tim Kossmann - Daniel Peruzzo / Et.iss - Upwellings - DepthCruiser - Federsen - Overcast Sound - The Radical - Stillhead - Ryan Sullivan - SONIMUN - Stanny Franssen & Ortin Cam - Salz - joergmueller - Ümit Han

Phoenix is out now on Telrae! (Official Music Video)

Even thus by the great sages 'tis confessed
The phoenix dies, and then is born again,
When it approaches its five-hundredth year...

(Dante Alighieri/Divina Commedia)

Slapback 1 - mixed by Salz, including my new track "Phoenix" is out now on Telrae​!
✵beatport: ✵other plattforms: 08. September 2017
Click here for the full release

We proudly presents lsb.TV Cologne!

We proudly presents the premiere of lsb.TV Cologne on 909day! 

Live TV broadcast via ALEX Berlin TV and worldwide stream on 9th of September with Moogulator, Stefan Gubatz, Bob Humid, Uli Sigg, Vj Dioptrien, Vika Gurtovaj and myself. Evil fairy in the background: Dr Walker / Asbest

This is no fkkn boiler room or rbma, this is like a fkkkd up version of MTV on angel dust! Experimental music & video / crossmedia art monthly from #Cologne...
Clicke here to visit the facebook event page for more details.

Coming soon...